Will Gel Polish Dry In The Sun?

Or did your nail technician forget to cure your gel top coat because you don’t have a UV lamp at home? What if you could instead use natural sunshine to dry your gel polish? After all, UV rays are produced by the sun.

If left in the sun, gel polish will ultimately vietnamese nail supply near me dry naturally on its own. The gel polish will “cure” when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun through a process known as “polymerization,” which is a chemical reaction that causes the molecules in the gel to join up with one another and harden.

As opposed to typical normal polish, gel polish bottles are never transparent or see-through. In order to prevent the gel from unintentionally drying out from the sun, gel polish bottles are typically completely covered so that the interior is constantly black.

1. How Much Sunlight Is Required For Gel Polish To Dry?

A sufficient amount of sun is required to effectively cure the gel polish because sunlight must travel through the sky and clouds to get to you. It will probably take 10 to 30 minutes or longer depending on the weather because the UV radiation from the sun is not directly targeted on your nails like a UV lamp in a manicure shop. Of course, it will dry considerably more quickly on a bright, sunny day. Before exposing your nails to the sun to dry, it is definitely a good idea to polish in the shade to avoid getting any gel on your skin.

If your gel polish isn’t drying then it’s likely not sunny enough outside. If the sun is strong enough to burn you, it will likely be strong enough to cure your gel polish as well. Just remember to wear sunscreen.

2. Can Gel Polish Dry By Itself by Air?

Gel nail polish does not naturally air dry like regular nail polish does. For a gel to cure, a chemical reaction must be started in the gel molecule by a UV light source. A UV lamp is therefore required to instantly cure the gel polish. The gel is fully cured and ready to be handled after 30 to 60 seconds to a minute under a UV lamp. Also ineffective is using a hair dryer, so don’t even consider it.

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3. The Sun vs. a UV Lamp

To apply gel polish correctly, you need to use numerous coats. The base coat comes first since it will act as a foundation for the color coat to adhere to. At least two coats of color must be applied after the base coat in order to obtain a vividly colored finish. A top coat is applied last to give it a shiny finish. A UV lamp can successfully complete each of these procedures in under 15 minutes. It can take you an hour or more to complete all of these processes if you just let your nails dry in the sun.

You must wait until it is sunny enough outside to polish your nails because sunlight fluctuates with the weather and season. Depending on where you are from, it could take days or weeks before you can cure your nails in the sun. Therefore, a UV lamp is worthwhile, and you should probably get one to save yourself time.

4. Conclusion

Finally, gel polish may dry in the sun, so yes, it is true. Simply put, it will take longer than it would under a UV lamp at a manicure salon. Additionally, unlike a UV lamp, you won’t have a “timer” to alert you when the coat is dry. In the end, it takes much nail store supply near me more time, therefore visiting a nail salon is preferable. But if you’re on the road, exposing your gel polish to the sun is a fantastic natural remedy.

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