Why you need a nail primer?

All of us are accustomed to applying a primer to make our makeup seem flawless. However, what about when it comes to nail polish?

1. Are you guilty of presuming a base coat is sufficient?

Here, the nail technicians at Yournailsupplier Shop examine in greater detail why nail primers are advised, what advantages they provide, and how applying one might enable you to produce a more durable, attractive manicure.

2. A nail primer is exactly what?

At the beginning of a manicure, a nail primer is used to “prime” the nail in a similar manner to how a face primer prepares the skin so that foundation can be applied for a longer-lasting, more flawless finish.

They essentially function by eliminating any oils and grease from the nail plate to make sure that your base coat or gel color adheres properly and considerably lengthens the life of your manicure.

3. What are the benefits of using a nail primer?

Using a nail primer can be the crucial piece missing from your manicure regimen if you frequently have chips, lifting, or peeling. An increase in the binding between the gel polish and the nail is facilitated by a primer’s degreasing of the nail plate, which produces a more durable, longer-lasting finish.

For increased durability and protection, don’t forget to use a base coat.

what type of nail polish lasts the longest
what type of nail polish lasts the longest

4. What kinds of nail primers are available?

The most typical kinds of nail primers are as follows:

Acid-free primer: Since these primers don’t contain acid, they are less abrasive while still providing an excellent adhesive to the natural nail.
Anyone with very problematic nails that have problems adhering is advised to use an acid primer. Acid-based primers are not advised for nails that are fragile or weak due to their strength.
Vitamin primer: At the Yournailsupplier Shop, we’ve expanded our selection to include a new vitamin primer. This acid-free primer is fortified with vitamin E and treats even the most troublesome nail beds, making it ideal for dry nail beds.

5. How should a nail primer be used?

Most primers come with a handy brush for simple application, similar to how polish does.

They should always be used first, but only in moderation. Due to the power of acid-based primers, special care should be given to prevent the product from getting into contact with any other sections of the nail. Apply small drops and avoid contact with the cuticles or shafts around the nails.

Do not use a lamp to cure nail primers; they will air dry in a matter of minutes.

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