Why Do Dip Powder Nails Crack? 

Have you recently purchased brand-new dipping powder at the nail salon only to find that a few days later it inexplicably cracked? What is the cause of the dip’s cracking, and how can it be fixed?

Inadequate application is the primary cause of dip powder cracking. It might have been coated too thinly, not enough activator most popular dnd gel colors was utilized, layers of coating were applied unevenly, nails were over-drilled or over-buffed, or defective or outdated goods were employed. Any hard impact on the nails might potentially cause dip powder to break.

As you can see, it is a problem that many customers have encountered frequently. This issue will probably arise for nail technicians who have never used dip powder before since they will either complete a step incorrectly or skip it altogether.

1. How to Stop the Cracking of Dip Powder

Let’s delve deeper and discuss the reasons why dip powder cracks as well as how to avoid them. The most common causes of cracking in dip powder are listed below.

Not Enough applications – Two to three applications of dipping powder are often necessary for a durable, firm finish. Since drilling and pedicure kits buffing at the end would slightly thin the nail, three coats are frequently advised. Make sure to use the proper number of coats because using too few can be just as terrible as using too many.

Not Enough Activator – Bottle 3 (also known as the Activator) is used to start a chemical process that seals the powder and makes it hard enough to buff and file the dip nail. The dip nail will develop soft tips if insufficient activator is utilized, which may eventually lead to cracking. To ensure that this issue doesn’t arise, make sure the entire nail is completely covered in activator.
The dip base is infamous for being applied in uneven layers. The base can sometimes dry too quickly and not adhere to any powder if you don’t dip your finger into the powder quickly enough.

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Drilling and buffing too much overdrilling or overbuffing the dip can cause it to thin out fast, leaving weak spots on the dip nail. This may later result in the nail abruptly cracking. The nail won’t need to be too drilled or polished if the dip is applied uniformly. You don’t need to drill or buff the nail too deeply because the top coat nail primer will self-level and smooth out the surface of the dip.
Contaminated goods make sure to store your dip base coat and all other products in a cool location. Avoid letting them become too heated so they don’t dry out and thicken. Make certain that every bottle is sealed and not exposed to the air.

2. Conclusion

To top it off, make sure you accurately complete each stage of the dip system at all times. Beginners who are unfamiliar with dipping powder can easily skip a step. Use only dipping products that were designed to be dipped to be especially safe. Since acrylic powder does not have the same powder consistency nail salon wholesale supplies as dip powder, I’ve seen a lot of people utilize it for dipping. To ensure that your future batch of dip powder won’t crack, make sure you fully comprehend all the primary causes and solutions.

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