What nail shape is in Christmas trend for 2023?

Everyone wants to maintain their best nail game during the festive season of Christmas. Here are 20 gel nail design ideas for Christmas in 2023.

We’ve featured some of the most popular gel nail designs and ideas below to help you stay stylish this Christmas.

French Advice French snips in green nail supply warehouse. You may easily wear the color green during the holiday season. It resembles the classic French manicures in a lot of ways, except it has green French tips and a silver line immediately below the tips. However, one of the nails’ French tips has a festive pattern on it.

1. French tips with glitter

This additional delicate and seductive gel nail design is appropriate for the holiday season. Over a beige background, it has French tips in melting champagne-like gold with stars.

2. French candy tips.

Choose this Candy French Tips design if you want to maintain it elegant and make it Christmas at the same time. Your nail technician will need to file your nails into an oval shape and then apply French tips with prominent red and white stripes to give your nails this appearance.

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3. Christmas with a red accent

Do you enjoy wearing red and white around Christmas time? The Red Accent Christmas design nails are perfect for you if so. On each nail of this gel manicure, however, there are various pieces of art. While some have a standard French manicure with a red base and at least one nail has a white Christmas-themed design over a red base, some nails are made with red and white stripes.

4. Candy Swirl French Tips

This is one of the most festive nail designs you will ever see. Your nail technician will first create oval-shaped nails with red and white French tips before covering the nails in patches of various colors to create this distinctive gel manicure style.

5. Mix Match Brush Art

Christmas nails in full swing, that’s all this design is. This design has Minnie and Mickey snowmen on one of the nails, while the other nails have various patterns done with traditional Christmas hues including red, green, white, and a touch of black.

6. Stiletto with an accent.

This holiday nail art design exudes elegance and grace. Long, pointed nails with a pointed form are used in this style, and each nail is decorated with a special Christmas-themed pattern, such as a ribbon-like design over plain red varnish, tiny snowflakes over plain green polish, or white and red stripes.

7. Addition Greenery

Another straightforward yet beautiful holiday-appropriate nail art is Accent Greenery. Shorter oval-shaped nails in a solid shade of green are used in the design. However, one of the nails has white patterns painted over beige nail polish.
The Snowy White nail design is gorgeous, classy, and ideal perfect match gel polish for Christmas and winter. The look features long, oval-shaped nails with a nude base and some white French tips. The remaining nails, on the other hand, are either completely white or have white Christmas-themed patterns over a bare base.

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