Top 5 Nail Salon Health Risks

1. Can your frequent manicure and pedicure make you sick?

Assume you’re relaxing after a long day in your manicure salon’s massage chair, receiving a pedicure. You’re relaxing, having your back rubbed and your feet treated, when-ouch! The nail technician inadvertently nicked your skin near your toe. Because the discomfort is very transitory, keep dipping your feet in and out of the water as recommended and don’t be concerned about the nail technician applying chemicals near the cut. Days later, you realize that your nicely manicured toe has become infected.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence among salon patrons. While there is little scholarly research on health risks at nail salons, frightening stories have emerged over the years, such as a man losing his leg and dying after a pedicure and workers developing allergies to salon materials, prompting the industry to overhaul standards in salons across the United States.

2. Nail fold infection

Health hazards associated with nail fold infections in manicure salons – cuticle cutting causes nail fold infections
During a manicure or pedicure, nail professionals can be tough on your nails. Skin lesions are easily caused by nail clipping, cuticle cutting, and nail filing. The most common illness produced by these skin cuts is paronychia, a bacterial infection of the hard skin around the wound.

3. Follicular infection

Health hazards from follicular infections at manicure salons – follicular infections from pedicure footbaths.
Another common bacterial infection induced by manicure salon injuries is caused by nontuberculous mycobacteria, which is a type of bacteria present in water and is typically connected with pedicure footbaths. Mycobacteria can infect follicles if they reach the bloodstream through a skin wound. To minimize infection, avoid shaving your legs before receiving a pedicure, according to a study on mycobacteria and footbaths.

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4. Contact dermatitis

Health hazards associated with contact dermatitis in nail salons – contact dermatitis
Products used in nail salons are not only hazardous to nail technicians, but they can also be problematic for customers. Acrylic nails, nail glue, and nail polish can all induce allergic contact dermatitis, which manifests as a rash.

Fortunately, this is easily avoided by being aware of the materials used in your salon and opting for an alternative to acrylic nails.

5. Warts

Another skin ailment that can develop in manicure shops is plantar warts. Plantar warts, like mycobacteria, grow in warm, damp conditions and can be transmitted through skin wounds.

6. Cancer/Aging

Risks of cancer and aging in nail salons – UV radiation exposure causes cancer and aging
Although drying your nails under a UV lamp appears to be a no-brainer, the repercussions can be serious. Although further research is needed, dermatologists’ biggest concern about UV light is the likelihood of skin cancer or tumors developing. Furthermore, areas of skin exposed to UV rays are prone to aging.

Does your nail technician have the requisite experience and/or license?
Are the stations sanitary?
Is the nail technician’s hands washed between clients?
Are there any soiled instruments laying around?
For more information, consult your doctor or the American Academy of Dermatology’s guideline on manicure and pedicure safety.

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