How to Properly Apply Nail Polish?

Nothing makes us happier than a new manicure, but even if you don’t have time to run to the salon, there are a few crucial actions you can take to keep your nails looking their best.

Today, we’re going over the fundamentals supplies for nail tech of one of our favorite DIY systems: OPI Nail Lacquer! To get the most out of our patented nail polish formula, keep reading to learn some insider advice from the pros.

1. How do you put on nail polish?

Applying nail polish normally entails applying a base coat, two coats of color to provide complete coverage, and one layer of top coat to ensure durability and sheen. The best DIY nail polish system is OPI Nail Lacquer, which enables color expression with vogue and recognizable hues.

Make sure to properly prepare your nails before you start, and make sure to get rid of any residual nail polish. To begin, apply OPI Natural Nail Base Coat in one coat and allow it to dry.

2. Which nail polish is best for weak nails?

OPI Natural Nail Strengthener is unbeatable by weak nails. Use instead of the Natural Nail Base Coat to give brittle nails the extra support they require.

dnd nail supply wholesale
dnd nail supply wholesale

3. The center of the nail with nail paint

In order to avoid flooding your cuticle, it is better to apply nail polish color down the center of the nail. Next, work your way along the nail’s sides, and as a last step, make sure to cap the free edge. Apply the color in two coats, letting each one dry in between.

OPI Pro Tip: When painting very short nails, cap the free edge first by pressing down on the skin in the opposite direction of the edge. Apply the remaining nail polish as usual after that.

Want to add some sparkle? Here’s how to apply glitter nail paint. Use a dabbing motion to apply chunky glitter nail paint to ensure that the glitter is evenly distributed throughout the manicure. To obtain complete coverage, use two coats of glitter applications.

4. When my nail polish dries, how will I know?

Each layer of nail polish will have lost some of its luster by the time it has dried sufficiently. No need to worry, however; using just one layer of OPI Top layer

Looking for an alternative to glossy nails? Learn how to apply matte nail polish. For an elegant yet understated appearance, use nails supply wholesale our OPI Matte Top Coat. When attending more formal events, it’s ideal because you don’t want your nails to overpower your attire. The final step to accomplish this look is to apply 1 coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.

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