The Ultimate Nail Salon Supplies Checklist 

You’ve obtained employment at a nail salon, or perhaps you’ve advanced to renting your own salon room or starting your own salon where you hire other nail technicians! Congratulations! Furniture, equipment, and materials are now your responsibility to consider. Here are a few necessities for your salon’s nail technician supply closet.

1. Task Table and Chairs

For the convenience of both the client professional nail product suppliers and the technician, a nail technician must have a comfortable work surface and chairs. Search for nail workstations that don’t take up a lot of floor area while providing enough room to work on nails comfortably. Make a decision regarding whether your nail table needs to be portable and light or whether you intend to leave it in its current location.

2. Detergents and sanitizers

An authorized nail technician is aware of the distinction between “sanitizers” and “disinfectants.” While disinfectants eliminate both viruses and bacteria, sanitizers only kill bacteria on surfaces. Both are frequently used in salons; disinfectants are typically used to clean tools and sanitizers are used to clean tables and chairs. Make sure all of your materials are FDA-approved and adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

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3. Clippers, buffers, and files

Any nail specialist needs top-notch manicure tools. It is necessary to have an entire collection of files, buffers, and clippers. Most clients find it more comfortable, and several jurisdictions have laws requiring that files and buffers be disposed of after use on one client only. Many clients will bring their own equipment. According to municipal, state, or federal health requirements, you need to have the proper sterilization equipment, like an autoclave, if you plan to use clippers, scissors, or files on numerous clients.

4. Bundles, containers, and bowls

Gel polish brushes are distinct from acrylic ones; they often have thinner, flatter shapes. In order to remove nail debris after buffing, you’ll also need a dusting brush. Additionally, you’ll require manicure and pedicure cleaning brushes—the kind with plastic handles and bristles—to clean your nails before getting treatment.

Stock up on bowls for soaking a client’s nails in polish remover to soften them before a treatment and separate bowls for doing the same for yourself.

And finally, you’ll need clear base and topcoats, as well as a variety of empty glass bottles for storing nail polish. Use bottles with the proper labels, clean and sanitize them before refilling, being sure to wipe the brush and top of the bottle as well. You may get all the empty bottles you need to arrange your workstations exactly how you want them by ordering bulk nail polish bottles from wholesale nail supplies for professionals near me.

The essential nail technician materials for your salon are only briefly listed below. The more your firm expands, the more materials you’ll require.

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