How to do nail art step by step?

By painting, embellishing, and enhancing the shape of nails, nail art is a creative way to enhance the appearance of nails. With the correct supplies and equipment, you will learn how to produce beautiful artwork for your clients. To make stunning nail art, learn how to assemble a Kit.

Following the completion of maintaining nail supply stores near me the fingernails and toenails, nail art is performed. Nail trimming, shaping, and polishing are all part of manicure and pedicure procedures. Only nail design will be discussed in this article.

1. Nail Art Education

Although nail technicians don’t need formal training to perform nail designs, they should at least have some foundational training in nail care. To provide nail services to clients lawfully, they must also obtain professional insurance.

2. Supplies Needed for Nail Decoration

Perfect, crack-free nail art is only possible with the greatest brushes. A flat brush, an edge-flat brush, a dotting tool, a fine detail pen, a short detail pen, one angle detail pen, and all of the above are needed.

wholesale nail vendors
wholesale nail vendors

3. Nail decorations

Here are some suggestions for nail art for special events.

The cultural and religious holiday of Saint Patrick’s Day is observed on March 17. Public parades and festivities are held throughout this holiday. With a green shamrock painted on them as the main symbol in this event, the traditional and advised colors for this holiday are green and white for both clothes and nails.

Green nail color with white nail art with a green shamrock and some fireworks
White nail art is painted with green nail polish and a green shamrock.
White and light green nails painted in green and gold.
Easter is a Christian celebration and a national holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus.

To celebrate this frightening holiday, people dress up in costumes and build bonfires at night. Pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and other spooky creatures are popular artwork for this event, along with eerie makeup and manicure designs. Colors like orange and black may be the finest options.

  • Orange-colored nail polish on black nails pumpkin nail art for Halloween
  • Using gray nail paint, create a Halloween pumpkin and skull design.
  • Halloween manicure design patterns using vibrant nail polish
  • Scarlet and black Halloween-themed nail lacquer with ghostly white patterns
  • Christmas, a worldwide religious and cultural celebration honoring the birth of Jesus Christ, is an annual event that takes place on December 25.

4. Making Use of Nail Design

Apply a base coat first, and then paint the nail with your selected color in two coats. After that, spot dots across the entire length of your nail salon products wholesale with a dotting pen or bobby pin held at a 90-degree angle, or for a simpler look, simply place one dot above your half-moon.

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