Split Nail: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

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We’re on a quest to dispel the myths around acrylic powders every nail problem, and our treatment options will make it surprisingly simple for you to find a cure. The split nail is today’s problem.

1. How do split nails occur?

Nails have several hard layers that are prone to peeling. This might make them appear frail and feeble, which would make them split. Split nails can be caused by a variety of factors, but strangely, more often in women than in males.
Overexposure to water is the cause of onychoschizia, or split nails. The nail layers split when the fluid causes the nail cells to expand over their typical range and are unable to contract back down to their original size once the nails have dried. Brittle nails that break frequently may indicate an underlying medical disease like a thyroid issue or hormonal imbalance.

Are you curious as to why nails split? You should take a look around. Your nails may become dry and begin to peel at the tip due to environmental variables (such as prolonged exposure to water) and chemicals in household cleaning products. The contents in your hand sanitizer and nail paint remover are also worth checking out because alcohol and pure acetone may be quite drying to nails. Incorrect gel polish removal techniques may potentially be the cause of the issue.

The final factor to take into account is age. Around age 35, the body starts to lose its capacity to absorb moisture, which causes brittle nails.

nail supplys
nail supplys

2. How do I resolve this problem?

Try to determine the reason of your split nails before you begin any sort of treatment.
Do you have a kitchen job? Do you frequently come into contact with cleaning agents? In order to shield your hands and nails from exposure, we advise making an investment in a pair of moisture-blocking gloves. When performing household duties, put on these gloves and keep your hands and nails moisturized with cuticle oil and lotion. Later on, you’ll thank us. Next, look over your cosmetics. To prevent any dehydration effects, swap your regular hand sanitizer for a travel-size moisturizing body cleanser or wash.

Use OPI’s Nail Lacquer Expert Touch Remover, a non-drying solution that leaves cuticles soft and supple, when you’re removing polish.

3. Examine the remedies for split nails

Examine the remedies for split nails Trim the cracking or peeling region off your nail before covering it with Nail Envy Sensitive, which includes concentrated calcium to thicken your nails and vitamin E to shield them from further exposure. Additionally, if you currently use conventional gel polishes, consider valentino acrylic switching to OPI’s Gel Break, a solution filled with reparative vitamins and minerals that promote nail health.
Another efficient method of strengthening weak nails is by taking the vitamin Biotin, but be aware that this is not a quick remedy. For a full regrowth and to see significant benefits, it can take up to six months.

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