There are a few methods to keep your client and to-do list on a shorter leash if they feel a little out of control each week. Believe it or not, you can accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in a day. Just prepare a strategy for it. Spend 15 minutes reviewing your daily calendar. Plan out your day in your mind. What are your top priorities right now, personally and professionally? What are the universal constants you can rely on now? Is there any way you can protect your flow by taking care of yourself and avoiding reactivity? This is just a quick checklist to help us stay focused and save time.


Don’t wait to start preparing. Prepare in advance to start the day prepared. Your workspace should have a customized organization system. An ordered mess with everything in its place. Depending on the kind of service being provided, a separate product drawer or basket is effective. The first is intended specifically for acrylic, while the second is for gel. Saving time is simple to do because everything is nearby.


The best superpower of a nail tech is mental telepathy. If only there were a method for us to be able to know exactly what our customers want and what will make them content. What’s more, it exists! Know your customers. Most arrive at a specific point in the nail growing process.

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In your books, make a note of it. Detailed nail art, a rebalancing, a fill, or a completely new set—which are we looking at here? To prepare for each client’s needs, ask for visual references before beginning any nail art work. Don’t let your customers who are getting a simple color change manicure take too long choosing their colors. For ease of decision-making, omit a few trendy hues. Simply choosing a color can cut into service time. Have the client who often becomes overwhelmed by choices arrive ten minutes early so they can peruse the swatches.


A key sign of professionalism is punctuality. Things beyond our control include traffic and the flu. That is what we comprehend. The nail industry boils down to your inventiveness and a shared regard for people’s time. Prepare to arrive to work early. Things are more pleasurable and cause less stress when you are prepared and organized. Playing catch up is a major downer. Don’t destroy your own day, then. For your clients and for yourself, be present. Be prompt. Set the bar high so that your clients know what to anticipate.


You must convey to the client in front of you that they are currently the most significant individual in the globe. How are you applying that idea? Do you struggle to think?

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming during a phone service? Do you occasionally engage in a little distracted driving at work? Reduce all forms of diversion. Your customers will be grateful. Set aside specific times to listen to voicemails and read texts. The extent to which your phone is a black hole shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. After checking Twitter and your texts, you quickly check Instagram Live. Currently, you are 10-15 minutes behind each and every client; this is a significant amount of time. Concentrate on this client, this current situation, and the cash at hand. Stay alert. Start working. Serve the client.


On your side will be time. Focusing on accuracy and efficiency is the simplest approach to speed up salon operations. When getting nails done, there are some parts that can seem repetitive. As you press the cuticle, double the protein bond, or file electronically or manually, your mind is preoccupied. Nail preparation can take up to 20 minutes, and repeatedly picking things up is a waste of time. Keep things going along by cutting the length of your nail prep.

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