How to do a perfect manicure step by step?

You desire a salon-quality manicure at home. We understand that not every time you have time to stop by your salon for a touch-up, your tips may not be perfect.

Although we would never give up our #yournailsupplier, we do acknowledge that sometimes a girl simply has to DIY! To ensure dnd fall colors your manicure is flawless every time, follow these recommendations from the OPI Pros:

Preparation is the first step to perfection.

To get rid of any old lacquer, use Expert Touch Lacquer Remover. If there is any grit or dirt under your nails, wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Make sure your cuticles are tidy. Push those cuticles back by using a cuticle softener, such as Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment! Use a cuticle nipper to trim any overgrown cuticles if you’d want to (and if you have a very stable hand).

professional nail product suppliers
professional nail product suppliers

Put them in shape. Use a pair of well-crafted nail clippers to trim your nails if they are noticeably long. You’ll probably, however, preserve your length and only use a clean nail file to shape the tips of your nails.

A pro tip for preventing breaks is to file your nails in one way.

Apply a thorough buff to them. To give your nails a smooth surface, rub the top of each one using a buffing block.

Get ready and be safe.

For a base coat that will keep your nails strong and healthy, use OPI Original Nail Envy. To avoid chipping of your manicure, apply professional wholesale nail supply OPI Top Coat after painting your nails with your preferred shade (don’t forget to cap the free edge!).

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