How to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster?

Without a smudge in sight, you have successfully applied two coats of polish. All that’s left to do is wait for your nail polish to dry while remaining still.
But you can’t afford to remain hands-free for too long when you have emails to send, children to find, and errands to run. For this reason, we’ve gathered nail wholesales our specialists to give their tips on how to get nails to dry quickly without chipping.

1. Pick the appropriate color.

Some paint colors dry more quickly than others, did you know that? Glitter Shades have the longest drying times if you’re looking for a speedy manicure, whereas yellow nail polish takes the longest because of the greater pigment particle size.
Take a look at OPI Drip Dry Nail Lacquer Drying Drops.
After your manicure, give your nails some time to dry, then dab one to two droplets of OPI Drip Dry Nail Lacquer Drying droplets onto each nail. You’ll have the ideal manicure that won’t smudge and nourished cuticles to match in only five minutes.

nail supply warehouse
nail supply warehouse

2. Enter the kitchen

In essence, the lacquer is thinned out and soaked into the nail. You may gently wipe it off with a tissue whenever you notice it beginning to bead at the top of your nail to reveal strong, dry lacquer underneath.
Have you ever used cooking spray to dry your nails? The silicone coating on this kitchen necessity protects your manicure while simultaneously moisturizing your skin and cuticles. Simply spritz some cooking spray on top of your nails and wait a few minutes.

3. Try using a hair dryer or hairspray.

You may use a hairdryer to swiftly blow dry your nails by grabbing one, switching to the cool setting, and blow drying your hair as well. To avoid any smudges, just wait 30 seconds before doing this.

As an alternative, snag a can of hairspray and give your nails a thorough layer. This method is only for nail lacquer, unless you want a matte finish, as a word of caution.

4. Buy a topcoat that dries quickly.

To strengthen and preserve your nails while also hastening the drying process, choose OPI RapiDry Top Coat. You can anticipate your nails to acquire a high-gloss, long-lasting shine.

5. Frozen period

Why not use the same chilly idea with water if it has been shown that cold air may harden polish? Before dipping your nails into a bowl of ice water to make them cold, give your nails a minute to dry. Although you could experience cold hands, a two-minute soak should be adequate to dry your nails and allow you to supply nails continue with your day.
Apply nail paint in three thin layers for the best results and quickest drying time.
the appropriate outerwear
It all comes down to painting your nails properly if you want them to dry quickly. Instead of applying two thick layers of nail polish, we advise applying three thin ones and waiting a long time between coats. Waiting in between coatings also aids in avoiding air bubbles.

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