How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home Safely 

You may occasionally prefer to avoid returning to the salon to have your gel manicure or pedicure removed. This is completely OK! Gel polish doesn’t remove as quickly as ordinary nail polish, but it is still possible to do. What brand nail polish set you own is also irrelevant: Use the same method to remove DND duo polish or any other variety. Your nails will be free and clear in no time if you simply adhere to our removal instructions for gel nail paint at home.

1. Ventilate is the first piece of advice.

Do the gel polish removal procedure in a well-ventilated environment because it might be a nasty operation. To get the air moving, open some windows and turn on the exhaust fan.

2. Second recommendation: Keep records

While filing is not required for regular polish, it is for gels. To gently sand off the top layer of your manicure or pedicure, use a coarse nail file. Just file away the topcoat; don’t bother about removing all of the polish. You’ll know you’ve filed enough when the sheen disappears.

best gel nail polish
best gel nail polish

3. Recommendation #3: Guard

It’s a crucial but little-known advice for removing gel polish at home. Apply cuticle oil, a heavy lotion, or petroleum jelly to the skin around your nails to protect it. Consequently, the drying effects of acetone won’t harm your skin.

4. Fourth advice: Soak

Your fingertips should be soaked in acetone nail supply stores near me once you’ve protected your skin. You can either cover them with cotton balls soaked in acetone or soak them in a bowl of water. Put foil around your fingers to help the cotton balls stay in place. Every ten minutes, check the state of your nails. It is time to proceed to the following stage when the polish has lifted or is flaking off.

5. Work It, the fifth suggestion

Take the acetone bath off your nails, then remove any residual polish with a cotton ball dipped in acetone. Removement of the polish ought to be simple.

6. Suggestion No. 6: Drink water

They’ll be quite thirsty after your nails are clear. Then, apply cuticle oil after rinsing them off in a bath of coconut oil to hydrate them. Alternatively, you might nail nippers coat your nails in petroleum jelly or Aquaphor and let them absorb moisture throughout the night.

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