How to Properly Apply Nail Polish

Making sure your nails appear lovely is important whether you’re painting your fingernails or touching up your toes. You may get nail tech supply store near me pedicures and manicures of professional caliber at home with the help of our helpful advice on how to properly apply nail polish.

1. Make your preparations.

You must prepare your nails before applying polish properly. Clean your hands and/or feet completely before you do anything else. Enjoy a foot bath or a hand spa treatment if you want to go all out. Get the buffer and file out after you’re spotless, then buffer your nails.

Don’t use your file to repeatedly saw your nails back and forth. The tips of your nails could be harmed by this. Alternatively, file from a corner and advance in the direction of the center.

opi bubble bath gel nail polish
opi bubble bath gel nail polish

2. Use a base coat and topcoat.

One helpful tip for effectively applying nail paint is to use both a base and topcoat, which is something that many of us tend to overlook. The easiest approach to paint your nails is actually not to just coat them in lacquer and call it a day. When getting a manicure or pedicure, it’s crucial to start with a base coat nail salon products wholesale to shield your nails from the paint and avoid nail breaking. You should use a topcoat after you’ve used a base coat and the polish of your choosing to paint your nails. Your nails will be further sealed and protected from chipping as a result.

3. Employ a Good Polish

Your manicure or pedicure can be greatly improved by using high-quality nail paint. Choose a high-quality item from a reputed company. Consider buying nail paint in large quantities if you find it difficult to choose just one color. Investing in OPI nail polishes in bulk is a fantastic choice. Popular brand OPI offers a wide range of fashionable colors.

4. Afterward, rehydrate

Treat your nails with extra hydration after finishing your manicure or pedicure. Apply cuticle oil, Aquaphor, or petroleum jelly to your cuticles best nail supply store near me and the skin around your nails to achieve this. You’ll have salon-perfect fingers and toes!

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