How to Do Simple Crystal Nail Art at Home

The possibilities for making gorgeous nail art are always growing, from gels to dips to innovative foil transfers. Crystals that glitter, shimmer, or illuminate at night are a fun way to accessorize your nails. Applying crystals to nail art is easy with these helpful hints.

1. Using a Picker Tool

Proper placement and stickiness are essential nail polish lasts the longest without chipping for a successful crystal application in nail art. The crystal must be picked up and positioned on the nail for it to move in the desired direction. To remove the item, you can use tweezers, a wax stick, or a toothpick coated in transparent nail paint. The best technique, though, might involve utilizing a pick-up tool designed for transferring crystals to your nail. The stainless steel tip of these tools can be used to gently press the crystal on the nail, while the fine wax tip is for picking up the crystal.

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2. The Best Adhesive to Use

You can either add crystals to a fresh, wet clear topcoat over your base coats of color or use adhesive designed for crystal nail attachment. Crystals will remain longer when applied to a gel-painted nail that has been cured under UV light, according to some, and gel polish is the best for doing so. You should become familiar with the removal procedure of gel polish before using it because it might be damaging to your nails.

A small amount of glue or clear topcoat can also be used to add crystals to dry, polished nails. A clear topcoat can be applied to protect the crystals once they have adhered and the polish dot holding them on has dried.

3. Utilize an Organizing Tray

The crystals are frequently contained in convenient trays that are included in many crystal supply kits. If your crystals were packaged in a pouch or bag, remove what you believe you’ll need and place it on a tiny disposable plate or into a disposable bowl to keep them upright and orderly. So, the crystals are spread out and prepared when you go to pick one up with your wax pencil.

Your manicure will shine with the addition of nail art gems. They’re fantastic for special events and entertaining as a girls’ night activity what type of nail polish lasts the longest where pals can create and compare their nail art masterpieces. Hopefully, these easy instructions for using nail art crystals will get you started with this enjoyable way to adorn your nails.

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