How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster

Have you ever wished for longer, stronger nails? Extra length and strength are essential whether you want to experiment with new nail art or go for a conventional manicure.

We’ve been in touch with our team of experts to learn how to permanently make our nails grow quicker, stronger, and healthier dnd nail supply wholesale so that you may wave goodbye to dry, brittle nails. Continue reading for their advice.

1. Admiring your cuticles

Keep in mind that strong cuticles are a sign of strong nails. Dry cuticles might break if they are not taken care of. Our ProSpa Cuticle Oil, which is rich in lightweight moisturizing grape seed, kukui, and sunflower oils, seals in moisture, protects the cuticle seal, and fortifies the nail itself. For a pro tip, massage oil into your cuticles at the matrix, also known as the nail’s root, to promote blood flow and hasten nail growth.

best nail supply store near me
best nail supply store near me

2. Eat Well

Your nails need vitamins and minerals to keep healthy, just like your hair does. The most essential actions you can do to encourage continuous nail development are eating the correct foods and drinking plenty of water.
Make sure to include a lot of the folate, zinc, and biotin that may be found in foods like salmon, egg yolks, broccoli, asparagus, and spinach in your diet. Additionally, studies have demonstrated a considerable improvement in nail thickness and hardness when taking a biotin supplement on a daily basis.

3. Attempt Nail Envy

The award-winning Nail Envy Original formula is designed for weak and damaged nails and is our hero for longer, stronger nails. To combat breaking or peeling nails, this super strengthening hero contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium. We promise that using this base coat frequently will help your nails grow more quickly and make them feel longer, tougher, and stronger.

OPI Nail Envy application instructions: Add one more coat every other day. Use Expert Touch Lacquer Remover to get rid of Nail Envy nails supply near me after seven days. Restart the application process, then check the nails six weeks later. Continue as necessary to attain the desired strength, or switch to Nail Envy Maintenance to maintain healthy, strong nails.

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