How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home Safely?

Whether you want to avoid eye contact with others or your manicure has merely grown out, you undoubtedly want to know “How do I remove gel nails at home?” We worked with one of our OPI Educators, Sigourney Nunez, to write a step-by-step manual because we understand how difficult this can appear.

The procedure for properly nail salon products wholesale removing gel nails from the comfort of your couch is outlined here. Just make sure you carefully follow each step to prevent harm to your nails.

1. Manicure brush is required.

(Cut into halves or thirds) Cotton balls or cotton pads

Use an acetone-based nail polish remover (if you don’t have any at home, read down to the tutorial’s last step to see an alternate method).

  • Squares of sliced aluminum foil
  • Nail files
  • Orange wood cuticle stick or reusable
  • Using alcohol to rub
  • Curticle Oil

Before attempting to remove gel, we advise that you have Nail Envy or another sort of nail strengthening product on hand.

First, break the seal on the free edge and side walls of each nail with a nail file. The goal in this situation is to take off as much shine as you can without filing your natural nail. The best pressure is light!

Step 2 After thoroughly soaking a cotton ball in nail paint remover, place it directly on top of the nail, making sure to cover the entire nail, and then wrap the cotton ball and the nail in your foil square.

Step 3: Give it at least 15-20 minutes to soak. Make sure your favorite Netflix show is already playing before wrapping your hands in a towel for extra heat. Please refrain from peeking, no matter how tempting it might seem! Give the remover time to work and space to break down the gel.
Step 4 Begin by carefully pressing and twisting the foil and cotton off of each nail, focusing on one at a time, after about 15 minutes. There should be some gel residue left on the cotton ball or pad.

Step 5: Using a cuticle stick, carefully remove any residual gel from each nail by pushing the stick from the cuticle region to the free edge.

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2. Moisturize!

Repeat steps 2 through 5 for any nails that still have residue after being removed with the cuticle stick. Use a cotton ball (or pad) and rubbing alcohol to gently clean the nail surface once all debris has been completely gone. Apply cuticle oil as needed to keep your nails nourished and protected.

3. Maintaining strong nails

Damage to the nails might certainly result from improper removal, ouch! To guarantee your nails stay as healthy as possible…until we can all get back into our favorite salons, we advise adding your favorite nail strengthener, such as OPI Nail Envy, as a last step.

4. Without using acetone, how do you remove gel nail polish?

We have a substitute method that can be used in the meantime if you don’t have access to acetone nail polish remover. You can use a medium-grit nail file to remove the gloss and color layers, though we don’t suggest best nail supply store this method for daily use because it can cause your nails to become too thin. Use a buffer to smooth things out after you’ve applied the base coat. Using a manicuring brush, sweep away any dust, then use alcohol and a cotton pad to remove it. As a finishing touch, make sure to apply cuticle oil to restore hydration to your nails.

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