Gel manicures: Tips for healthy nails

It’s little wonder that gel manicures are so well-liked; they look stunning and resist chipping for up to two weeks or more. In addition, despite the fact best gel nail polish that these manicures are quite fashionable, your nails may suffer a little. A number of problems, from severe peeling and cracking to premature aging of the skin, can result from recurrent gel manicures, including weak and brittle nails. Think about these five gel manicure suggestions to maintain healthy nails in order to avoid these worries becoming a part of your reality.

1. The Key Is Preparation

Apply cuticle, olive, or argan oil on your nails before getting them painted with a gel manicure—ideally the night before. Petroleum jelly works just as well if you don’t have any of these oils. The opulent hydration will be appreciated by the skin around your nail beds and your nails. To maintain your cuticles moisturized and in good condition, repeat this procedure after getting your manicure.

2. For IBX, ask

Before the base coat is applied, ask for IBX from your nail technician. In order to prepare your nails for the gel manicure, they will administer this procedure. You might avoid an allergic response thanks to IBX’s protection of your nails from the gel polish’s ingredients. Furthermore, IBX aids in the healing of nail splits.

bubble bath nail polish
bubble bath nail polish

3. Employ a Good Gel Polish

In terms of gel manicures, quality is crucial. Make sure the nail technician is using quality polish, or buy some for your own collection. Confused as to where to look? Kiara Sky gel polish is highly endorsed.

4. Utilize rubber gloves

Keep your hands dry is an underutilized gel manicure tip for maintaining healthy nails. Be careful not to soak your nails in water too much after getting a gel manicure. It’s unpleasant (and you don’t want to have to get your gel manicure reapplied) if the moisture causes the gel polish to lift off of your nail. Wearing gloves can help keep your hands dry if you’re going to wash a lot of dishes or take a long shower.

5. Use sunblock

Is SPF 30 (or greater) sunscreen truly necessary for the salon? Absolutely, on your hands and forearms. The gel manicure nail supply store near me needs UV lamps to dry, thus this is an essential step to take. Your hands will be shielded from skin cancer and early aging by sunscreen.

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