5 Things You Need To Know Before Making Your Nail Appointment

There are five things you should be aware of.
Since your nails are your own, the condition and appearance of them do not simply depend on the nail technician.

1. This Isn’t A Blind Date.

When I call to make an appointment for a gel nail paint manicure, my first question is, “What products are you using?” before I even enter a salon. Don’t go into your manicure session blind because, as you know, not all products are made with quality in mind. The best salons will be able to clearly describe nail supply near me their application procedure because they sell high-quality products. It is vital that your nail technician uses all the tools and supplies required to carry out the gel treatment in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications if you want a long-lasting effect.

2. Are gel nails secure?

Without a doubt! Gel nail polish can deliver long-lasting color and shine while being non-damaging with correct application and removal. One application of gel nail polish uses a base coat, two layers of gel nail polish, and a topcoat, for instance. Along with using ProSpa Moisture Whip and ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil, you should also treat your nails with OPI’s NAS 99 Cleaning Solution. Without a UV light, can gel nails be cured? Your manicurist must also use an LED lamp with a timer when applying the polish. If you want to have a gel manicure that will last, you must have this tool! Knowing what to do gives you power, and using high-quality gel nail polish products correctly will result in stunning results.

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nail technician supplies wholesale

3. Advice for Healthy Nails When Using Gel Nail Polish

Simply tell electric files to go away! In order to perform a gel nail polish service, there is NEVER a cause to place a drill (e-file) on top of a nail bed. You won’t even need an e-file if your nail technician employs the proper system. The goal should always be: NO DAMAGE, hence in the majority of cases, there should be very little buffing or filing done before application.

4. The Soak Isn’t a Joke

The secret to keeping your nails healthy and happy is to remove gel nail paint properly. NEVER, EVER try to remove gel nail polish from your nails by peeling or tearing it off; you risk damaging your nails permanently by losing two to three layers of nail surface. Always soak off gel nails in your salon using products of the highest caliber to delicately remove the gel without damaging your natural nail. Your gel manicure will soak off in just 7 minutes with OPI’s GelColor Base Coat & Top Coat, so there’s no need to worry about running out of time.

5. Never leave the house empty-handed.

After getting a flawless manicure, it’s crucial to ask your nail technician what additional products she can suggest for your at-home beauty collection. Make sure you have an OPI colour opi bubble bath gel nail polish you love on hand for touch-ups in between appointments if you love one in particular. Make a couple appointments as well, don’t forget. The secret to ensuring regular nail treatment is pre-booking.

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