6 Rude Nail Salon Behaviors You Should Avoid

It’s crucial to give oneself time to relax, and going to the manicure salon is a great way to accomplish so. You may feel more assured and desire to display your hands after getting a fantastic manicure. We can see why people look forward to these appointments, but how about your manicurist? Because of the harsh things you frequently say and do (perhaps without even realizing it), they could dread seeing you each time you enter.

A visit to the nail salon can be a great way to unwind or zone out, but some people go too far and begin to develop a close relationship with the employees. Do you ask for discounts or other services without making a reservation for the period provided for them? What about forgoing the gratuity?

It’s time to become familiar with proper nail salon etiquette and the behaviors your manicurist would like you to quit before you go back to the salon. Let’s talk about improving your clientele.

1. Stop requesting further services from them.

There are several guidelines you should follow if you want your manicurist to look forward to your session rather than dread it. One crucial thing to keep in mind is to refrain from asking them to provide services that are not part of your appointment’s original request.

We understand that while you are there, there are other nail-related tasks that you would like to complete in order to save time. But if you haven’t reserved it, don’t inquire. Your nail technician will have to decline or feel under pressure to comply, which could lead them to be late for other clients or eat up their lunch break. This is unpleasant and disrespectful.

Additionally, you should schedule enough time to have your nails done. If you are unsure of how much time you require, making a brief call in advance is always a smart move. What happens if your nail technician refuses to work longer than expected? Respectfully acknowledge this response.

You have excessive expectations and disregard their professional guidance.
If your natural nails are too short to be transformed into an extreme edge nail shape, what do you do? It’s simply not feasible. Your manicurist might recommend using acrylics or another technique to get your ideal look. Even if you are under no obligation to follow their recommendations, it could come out as disrespectful to entirely ignore their professional counsel or pay no attention to their worries.

They want you to be satisfied, but they also need to give you a practical service. This includes picking out nail art and having them imitate patterns you’ve seen online. Some could agree to it, while others would urge you to select an alternative that they came up with.

Nail tech Miki Higuchi told HuffPost, “I’ve been doing nails for almost seven years now. “I adore conversing with my clients and working on concepts with them. My objective is to make the client’s nails match their personality, therefore occasionally a trendy or cute design may not fit the client’s sense of style.In these situations, I utilize my own imagination to suggest various colors and designs or to add something to the client, such as stones, metallics, chrome, or anything else. In other words, your nail technician will probably cooperate with you; all you have to do is make sure they cooperate with you.

2. Being unwell and showing up to an appointment screams rudeness.

Do you have the beginnings of a cold? Or do you maybe experience a coughing fit? Visiting a nail salon when sick is a no-no, therefore it would be advisable to reschedule your appointment even if you think your cold is minor.

According to pedicurist Alexandra Calle, “Your manicurist will never be annoyed or angry if you cancel an appointment when you’re very ill.””A really effective way to spread germs to your nail technician is to wipe your nose and cough on them.” Because they are in close contact with their customers, your nail technician is more likely to become ill. Additionally, they will lose money if they are unable to work, such as crucial tips.

Wearing a mask could also be a smart idea, regardless of whether you are ill. “Even before COVID, the nail dust is really bad for you, and I notice [that] when I don’t wear a mask, I get really bad chest pains at the end of the day,” nail tech Carmella Laporta stated in a TikTok video.

nail supply store open to public
nail supply store open to public

3. A nail salon sin is showing up late (or too early).

Despite your best efforts, you might realize that you’re going to be late for your much anticipated nail appointment because things happen.Call the salon in advance to let them know you’ll be running behind schedule if something unexpected comes up. It’s not always possible to stay right on schedule.

Their day will be ruined if you decide to change the color after it has been applied. Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images
You feel fantastic after leaving your session with a gorgeous manicure. Therefore, choose the appropriate color to paint your fingernails is crucial. But what if you don’t like it? It’s possible that you made a choice that you believe clashes with the color of your skin or doesn’t go with the tiny black dress you want to wear that night.This occurs, but communication is what’s most crucial.

Instead of waiting until they are finished painting your nails before telling them you prefer a different color, let your manicurist know as soon as you can that you do not like the one they chose. Waiting until the last minute will not go over well, and it is a surefire way to get on the manicure salon’s bad side of memory. To avoid disappointment and to save time, it is always a good idea to arrive knowing exactly what color you want or to request that the nail technician swatch it for you before application.

4. Keep off your phone and leave those texts for later

The great thing about getting a manicure is it’s an opportunity to have your hands looking their best, and it provides a little escape from daily life. Having this time off may tempt you to catch up on emails or start texting your BFFs to make plans. But wait — before you do this, consider your nail technician and how annoying it is for them to work while you’re asking them to wait until you finish texting. They need your hands! 

Leave your social media and texting until later if you don’t want to come across as impolite or careless.”We cleanse your hands and the nails for the polish/gel polish application by prepping the nail plates to be free of dust, lint, and oil,” nail technician Christa Cole told HuffPost. “When you touch your phone or anything else on the nail desk with your hands, you are now making it more difficult for the technician to do the job as intended. This is how dust, lint, and smudges form. Till the service is complete, let’s put the phone away.

5. Don’t put your hands near your lips.

Biting or picking your nails or cuticles, either before or after you’ve just had them done, is one of the ugliest and most disrespectful things you can do while getting your nails done. Some people have these habits and engage in them unconsciously or out of stress, but you should strive to be aware of them. You may also ask for a manicure that will support the growth of your bitten nails so that you won’t be tempted to pick at them.

Although nail technicians have virtually seen it all, they want the best for your fingernails, both in terms of look and health. Another reason why you shouldn’t pick at your cuticles is that it could result in an infection.

6. Don’t think they are referencing you.

Don’t assume that the staff members at a manicure salon are talking about you if they are speaking in a different language. They most likely aren’t and simply get along well with their coworkers; after all, they spend the majority of the week together working long hours together, thus getting along with each other will make their day better.

Assuming they are talking about you will make you angry and sour the entire situation. What alternatives are there? You can participate in the dialogue yourself, and it’s okay if you don’t like to speak up. Just be courteous and let the person know what you expect from the appointment.

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