5 French manicure ideas you must try

One of the most traditional and timeless forms of manicures is the French manicure. It has a natural-looking foundation with a band of white polish at the tips of the nails.

Although the exact origin of nail tech supply store near me the French manicure is unknown, there are signs that it gained popularity in French salons in the late 18th century. And by the 20th century, both American designers and ladies all over the world were interested in the technique.

1. Why are French manicures so popular?

French manicures are popular among women because they combine simplicity and elegance. Additionally, it’s a flexible manicure design that works for practically any occasion, including business events, weddings, and casual get-togethers with friends. Additionally, whether you work from home or in an office, it is the ideal manicure style for your daily tasks.

The term “French manicure” originated because Jeff Pink, the founder, claimed he designed it specifically for fashionable women in Paris. Years later, despite controversies surrounding the name, it was still well-liked in all developed nations. As a result, it’s one of the most popular manicure services in nail salons and spas.

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2. “French tips” are what?

The tips of a French manicure are distinctive and are called “French tips.” The band of white polish at the tips of the nails, above the base, is referred to as “French tips” and is frequently painted in a pinkish nude color. It used to be that applying pale pink to the base would give the nails a natural-looking tint, but things have changed significantly since then. Therefore, several ladies now choose French manicures that don’t look natural and use various polish colors.

To obtain the best results and a flawless, clean finish, most nail technicians employ French tip guides. You may anticipate that the nail technician will apply the base coat to your nails and then do a French manicure on them.

5 French manicure designs you must try

Many professionals today have altered French manicures to create various styles. However, for all lovers of nail beauty, these are the 15 must-try French manicure designs;

A traditional French mani

You can never go wrong with a traditional square manicure. It resembles the classic French manicure more, which has evenly filed nails with a strip of white tips and a pale pinkish foundation.

Square French

Another manicure design you should try is the square French. You can definitely rock it for any occasion because it is elegantly straightforward and adaptable. Your nail technician will need to file your nails into a square shape to get this appearance, then add white lacquer to the tips and a nude shade of pink at the base.

French almond-shaped

The almond-shaped manicure is another classic style that is always in vogue. Your nail technician must file what’s the best gel nail polish brand your nails into an almond shape before applying the nail lacquer and forming the French tips in order to accomplish this look.

French rhinestone

The rhinestone French manicure is perfect if you like to keep things elegant and refined. It’s just a typical French manicure with lovely rhinestone accents on some of the nails.

Graphene French

The geometric French manicure resembles the traditional French manicure. However, the technician applies the French tips geometrically rather than horizontally.

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